User friendly & 100% mobile responsive Design

One of the biggest areas of technology nowadays is centred on mobile phones and tablets. They are easily transportable, and the majority of internet related activities can be carried out through them. Did you know that 61% people have a better opinion of companies when they offer a good mobile experience? This is due to over 20% of google searches being carried out on a tablet or a smartphone.

Our free websites include a 100% mobile responsive design, in order to aid your customer satisfaction. This also has the potential to bring new custom to the business, as a quick google search on a phone could result in your mobile responsive website being found, and chosen to do trade with.

Increased loading speed

When a website isn’t responding to the device it’s being accessed on, there is an extremely high chance that the user will just leave the website without waiting for it to load. Mobile responsive websites load faster and contain all of the necessary information in the correct format for your site.

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Being mobile responsive doesn’t only relate to smartphones and tablets, but also to newer technology such as smart TV’s, smart watches, smart glasses, etc. The website will still look stunning and format correctly. This is because the website isn’t designed around a device, but a screen size.

We also ensure that your website will be consistent through all browsers. Having problems with the website loading on the customer’s choice of browser could potentially turn custom away, which is bad for the company as the potential trade will have lost.

Our talented web developers do a number of things to ensure that your website is totally user friendly. This includes the website being really easy to navigate (subtitles being visible, colours contrasting nicely, well planned information being displayed) we also will ensure that your content is between 400-600 words on each page to get your rankings higher in google, etc.

We will review any content that you send to us to ensure that it is of high quality and fitting for the brand, and potentially make recommendations for any changes we believe will make the website more user friendly and visually pleasing.


1. Contact Us

Get in touch with our team of experts. They will take you through everything that we’ll need to design you a fresh, engaging and beautiful looking functional website. From discussing the required colour scheme right through to how many email addresses you need, we will guide you through the whole process.

2. Consultation

What do you need your website to do for you? When it comes to building websites, our design consultation experts know the right questions to ask to get you the website you were looking for! Unlike many website companies, we don’t include a design setup fee, meaning that your website design is free!

3. Website Delivered

We will completely host the website, including monitoring it and giving you monthly analytics on who is accessing your website, what they are viewing, what led them to look at the website, and where that traffic is going. This is highly beneficial to your market research and is a service we offer totally free of charge in with your free website!