Simple Process, handled by us

The entire process of building and obtaining your brand new free website is such a smooth and easy process.

1. Consultation

The first thing we will do is answer any of your questions, queries and concerns about anything website related, before scheduling a consultation with you over a chatty phone call! During this consultation we will talk about your business, the background of the company, your aims and objectives of having a web presence, the benefits and advantages, etc. Within your consultation we will also discuss colour schemes, the theme of the website, the content and images you would like to feature, etc.

2. Design

We will then ask you to e-mail over any content you would like on the website, and get you straight into the design queue! Our design queue usually is around two weeks long for building a website before it is ready to go live. Before anything goes live we will be in touch with you to ensure it is exactly the way you want it! We aim for 100% satisfaction with all customers.

3. Domain Transfer

What happens next is the domain name transfer. We want your domain name to stay the same to ensure that your current client base can easily find the company. When using the same domain name it also means any other advertising won’t have to change, such as the web address printed on posters, fliers and business cards, as well as potentially window/vehicle stickers (changing these can be a lengthy and expensive process!)

4. Going Live

After cancelling your contract with the current provider and transferring your domain name, the website goes live on the internet and can be viewed by anyone!

5. Account Manager

Once your website is live, you will receive monthly care calls from your personal account manager. This is the person you go to with any queries, to ask advice for anything web related. They will be able to make any small changes you require on the website, and will also teach you to be able to use the system to make your own changes and updates to the website.

6. Analytics

We will completely host the website, including monitoring it and giving you monthly analytics on who is accessing your website, what they are viewing, what led them to look at the website, and where that traffic is going. This is highly beneficial to your market research and is a service we offer totally free of charge in with your free website!

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