About FreeWebsiteUk And Why

Freewebsitesuk is a project started in order to give back to the business community as a whole. Building and creating websites is often a lengthy and expensive process, and we essentially are here to make getting online easier for you, with getting online happening in as little as two weeks!

We work with a small team of highly knowledgeable website designers, content writers and account managers who are all extremely passionate about helping small to medium businesses get online for a fraction of the massive corporate prices businesses face on a day to day basis when attempting to build and grow an online presence with the assistance of a specialist company.

One question we get often, is “if you’re giving away free websites and paying staff to make them, how do you make a profit? How is it sustainable?” and to answer that simply, we aren’t! our hosting fees cover what we need to not go out of business, but our profits come in from the large companies we deal with, with social media packages, content packages, bespoke design, etc.

Our team believes that the future of business will continue to develop further within the online sector, which is why we want to give all companies the chance to tap into that market and continue to grow and develop with the times. However, when you’re a small start-up company with a small budget, forking out for web design is sometimes just not an option. This is how we started to brainstorm this new idea and put it into place.

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You might be wondering, what do we gain from this campaign? We are trying to build our client base higher and higher to build our portfolio, and also work alongside our ethical aims.


The freewebsitesuk project consists of us designing from start to finish a modern and 100% mobile responsive website that fits your company and brand perfectly. We will insert content that you send to us in an email in a way that looks sleek and formats well.


We are here to assist you, and cater to your web related needs! We hope to hear from you soon about taking advantage of our free website campaign.


1. Contact Us

Get in touch with our team of experts. They will take you through everything that we’ll need to design you a fresh, engaging and beautiful looking functional website. From discussing the required colour scheme right through to how many email addresses you need, we will guide you through the whole process.

2. Consultation

What do you need your website to do for you? When it comes to building websites, our design consultation experts know the right questions to ask to get you the website you were looking for! Unlike many website companies, we don’t include a design setup fee, meaning that your website design is free!

3. Website Delivered

We will completely host the website, including monitoring it and giving you monthly analytics on who is accessing your website, what they are viewing, what led them to look at the website, and where that traffic is going. This is highly beneficial to your market research and is a service we offer totally free of charge in with your free website!